Line Removal and Tracing Services

Removal of lines and symbols

Removal of lines using a grinder (device equipped with carbide teeth that scores the pavement in order to remove the paint)

Black marking (black paint to mask the existing paint)

All services marking and tracing PROLIGNE

  • parking of all kinds (parroting or new)
  • numbering, lettering
  • logos disabled
  • logos no parking
  • logos no smoking
  • logos
  • arrows
  • shaded areas
  • stop lines
  • lines tail
  • crosswalk
  • cycling
  • others on request

Road marking:

  • tracer service truck
  • axial lines-banks
  • Dashed lines
  • other

Internal Branding:

  • Domestic factories and warehouses
  • Indoor garage
  • Cleaning with neutralizing agents and degreasers
  • Protective finish (epoxy-Polyure)

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